LTC Practice Schedule

Times below are subject to change.  Please make every effort to attend all practices--your team is counting on you!  Be sure to let your coach know if you cannot make practice for any reason.

Event Coach Practices Starting
Bible quiz Tammy Camp Sunday, 3-4pm 1/13
Chorus Philip Camp Sunday, 4-5pm 1/13
Drama - Sunday Jamila Branch Sunday, 6-7pm 1/20
Drama - Wednesday Julie Parks Wednesday, 6-7pm 1/16
Puppets - Sunday Hesper Holland Sunday, 6-7pm 1/13
Puppets - Wednesday Hesper Holland Wednesday, 6-7pm 1/16
Scrapbook Jeana Culbert Monday, 4:30-6pm 1/21

Note:  No practices are scheduled during Spring Break.